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Teach Your Kids About Writing Books

Yesterday I had one of those amazing moments where I got to teach my kids about something I’m passionate about. My son was putting together a book report for class and was having trouble. He didn’t understand what a climax … Continue reading

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Time Traveling With Kids: Childhood Memories

Today I took my two youngest children back in time to a place where my fondest childhood school days were experienced. Twenty five years ago I was a little girl playing tag, swinging as high as I could go, pretending … Continue reading

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October Rain: Memories and Traditions

It’s been a busy kind of wonderful around here. Aside from being without internet for two days and NaNoWriMo prep, I’ve been busy making costumes for my kids, learning about bullet journaling and enjoying the rain. I love the smell … Continue reading

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Joy: Sometimes The World Is Better Then You Think

Life is full of joy and sometimes the world is better then you think. It may be hard to see, but it really is. In a world where we see people who are unkind being glorified for their actions, there … Continue reading

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Post-Vacation Rut, Sick and Not Writing

I’m sick and I think I’m in a post-vacation rut. Before the hike, I was very focused on preparing for it and getting the house in order so it would be easier for my MIL when she had the kids. … Continue reading

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