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That Soccer Mom Ran Circles Around Me

A “Soccer Mom” is a general term to describe a woman who spends a lot of time driving her school aged kids around to various activities. Wikipedia has a pretty good description (of course!) for the term “Soccer Mom” and … Continue reading

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Success: What It Looks Like For Me

Wow. I’m really slacking when it comes to posting lately. I’ve been busy though. I’m doing a read through of one of my books with the intent of doing some more edits on it. That’s been a fun experience but … Continue reading

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The Awkward Week -Reflection, Hope and Peace

This is an odd time of year isn’t it? Christmas is done. So is Boxing Day. And we are all anxiously awaiting the new year. This week has always felt awkward to me. I don’t have the stress of holiday … Continue reading

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Thinking of World Building As Character Development

Since October is National Novel PLANNING Month (is that an official thing?), I’ve been working on the world my NaNoWriMo novel is going to take place. I’m one of those people who comes up with a situation to “start” my … Continue reading

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What Is Passive Voice and Is It Bad?

What in the world is passive voice? I asked myself this when I started using Yoast SEO to help me optimize my posts. Apparently Yoast didn’t like some of my writing and it told me so with a big fat … Continue reading

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