Water Drops

This was my submission to the Fresno Scifi and Fantasy Writers Group 2015 Rebirth Blogfest in which I won “Fan Favorite.”  (Sorry about the formatting.  This site is still under construction.  There are two entities talking in this piece.  One in regular text, the other in italics.)

Water Drops

By Nichole McGhie

In the beginning I was ice. Warmth and light changed me. Suddenly I could move and I realized there were others like me –everywhere. We clung together, moved together. We were one. We were happy.

But we’ve always been happy.

Were we? One day we began to move. It was slow at first. We didn’t know where we were going. We found other groups like us and the more we joined together, the faster we moved. We grew and chaos ensued.

Chaos? Really?

It was noisy.

But chaos?

Who’s telling the story here?

You are right. You are you and I am me. Continue.

Thank you.  Anyway, we heard a voice, like the sound of the rushing of great . . .



Who’s voice was it?

Our voice. The light’s? I don’t know for sure. I do know that whenever the light appeared, some of us left. I didn’t know where they went. They weren’t with us anymore.

But we weren’t sad.

I didn’t say we were.

But you were sad.

Maybe. I didn’t understand.

And now you do?

I think I do. We continued to move together. Sometimes it was fast and sometimes it was slow. Sometimes it was warm and sometimes it was cold. We learned that when it was warm, more of us listened to the light and left. Many of us fled from the light, seeking those deep, dark places. It was hard to move there. It was quiet.

And you liked the quiet. Didn’t you?

At first.

But then?

It was too quiet. We barely moved in the dark. We couldn’t hear each other. It was more lonely and isolating then I had ever known. To know you exist but to hear and feel nothing? It was worse then being ice.

So what did you do?

Some of us moved.

On your own? How did you move? Did you choose to be moved?

I don’t know if we chose to be moved. We just moved. Something pushed us. Or we followed something? It was cold, dark and still and then it wasn’t anymore.

I remember seeing light.

Me too. The more light I saw, the more I could hear again. I felt happy.

But we’ve always been happy.

Maybe you. I could move faster again, I could hear again. I didn’t feel alone.

But you were never alone.

That is true.

One day I felt warmth. I thought about hiding again. I didn’t want to leave.

But you didn’t hide.



I didn’t want to be alone again.

But . . .

I was never alone. I know. So, it was warm and I let myself be warm. I sang. I joined the chaos.

It wasn’t chaos.

I know that now. It was a symphony.

What’s a symphony?

Something beautiful. Light and warmth enveloped me and I heard the music. Then . . . I was here. Warmth and light had changed me again. There are others like me here –everywhere.

Do we cling together like before?

No. But together, we refract the light and we are beautiful.

Are we still ice?

No. Now we are a rainbow.

And are you happy?


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  1. Nichole,
    I love that you shared this online, and I hope we get to preview more of your work. I’m, of course, very curious as to what this dialogue is about and who it is between!

  2. Nicole, loved this. Its absolutely beautiful x

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