That Soccer Mom Ran Circles Around Me

soccer momA “Soccer Mom” is a general term to describe a woman who spends a lot of time driving her school aged kids around to various activities.

Wikipedia has a pretty good description (of course!) for the term “Soccer Mom” and if you really want to read more about it and how it came to be, you can find it here.  But for the sake of this post, let’s just say I never wanted to be one, -or at least the stereotype of one.

I never wanted to be the one who’s kids were involved in more than one activity at a time and certainly not having multiple kids concurrently involved in these activities.

I never wanted to be the one who spent three fourths of her life in the car driving these darling kiddos to where they needed to go while they methodically drove her crazy (<—I’m laughing at that one.)

I’m a home body. I like being home.

I like having my kids home, working with them in the garden and teaching them about plants and animals, and how to get along and love each other (yeah . . . still working on that one). But at the same time, I want to encourage their interests and help them develop talents. So . . . that means that this past month, despite my best efforts, I have become . . . a Soccer Mom. Yeah, I know in my last post I claimed I wasn’t. I guess this is just the universe laughing at me.

Until last week, two of my kids were involved in sports practices on the same days (almost the same times) with trying to get music lessons in and other activities. Basketball took up every Saturday. The Saturday before last I was very thankful that there were two parents in the family because my son had basketball at one end of the valley, while my daughter had track at the other end. Last week, I spend six out of the seven days away from home doing what needed doing.

During this past month my husband and I experienced a new level of exhaustion.

We honestly went to bed early more than we didn’t and every day we woke up exhausted but still needing to run. I’m not even ashamed to admit that we had cereal for dinner several times. We went from “mostly on top of it” mode to “survival” and “that’s going to have to be good enough” mode.

Through it all, I was able to still work on writing. Obviously if  you’ve been a frequent reader (thank you for that by the way), you may have noticed my long absence. I found I had time to work on my book, but at the expense of my blog. At first I stressed about it. After all, I’m paying for this blog and I need to get my money’s worth. But honestly? What was there for me to write about? I’m so stressed! I’m so busy. I just don’t have time to write. Blah! That’s everyone. Yeah it’s nice to know that other writers are experiencing the same things that I am, but with my limited time, I decided it was more important to just write. So I stopped stressing about the blog.

I also came to the realization that Soccer Moms are amazing and that there’s a certain kind of beauty to the constant chaos.

With the school year coming to a close, things are getting easier. I knew the “busyness” would only be temporary. I can not imagine being this busy ALL THE TIME.  Because of this, I have a new appreciation for those who do the Soccer Mom thing all year long. It also makes me wonder how they possibly have the energy for it (without resorting to copious amounts of caffeine -because that’s just not my thing). Parenthood is amazing and the time and energy we sacrifice for our kids is never wasted and a thing a beauty.

If nothing else, this past month has taught me to live more fully in the moment because that’s all I had.

If I thought too much about what I needed to do, it led to the kind of stress that melts metals. I turned car rides into laughing sessions and had more quiet talks. It wasn’t just a month I got through, it was a month I lived through.  I feel pretty good about that.

So what have you guys been up to lately?

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2 Responses to That Soccer Mom Ran Circles Around Me

  1. Adam says:

    Considering how you describe this experience, and the fact that you had a change of perspective, this sounds like the seed of a story, or part of one. I think the trick would be finding some strong conflicts that engage this topic in a strong way. I definitely think there’s something to be said for stories that explore how people frequently underestimate the reality of what is considered the everyday lives of other people. I forget who said it but I recall a quote that went along the lines of “everyone is quietly fighting their own desperate struggle, you just can’t see it,” or something.
    In any case, hopefully things are quieting down a little.

    • Nichole McGhie says:

      Thanks! You know, I was thinking there were seeds of a story here too. 🙂 Isn’t it interesting how we look at our experiences and think of how it can be turned into a story?

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