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Blogger Recognition Award

I recently received the wonderful honor of being nominated for the Blogger Recognition award by M.L.S. Weech. He’s great, guys. Seriously. Have you read his book yet?  To be nominated by him is . . . very flattering. Thank you … Continue reading

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Countdown to NaNoWriMo: What’s Your Goals?

There’s only eleven days left until NaNoWriMo time. Hurray! Is anyone else getting excited? So because it’s almost upon us, I wanted to ask you guys a few questions. Who’s a planner? Who’s a pantser? If you are a planner: … Continue reading

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Who Is Your Audience? Target Audience

Who is your audience? I’ve been asked this before, but I have to admit, it’s always been a tough question for me to answer. Like a lot of writers, I started writing because I wanted my stories out of my … Continue reading

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Friday Finds: The Dreaded Synopsis

This week’s Friday Find comes from the enormously helpful Kristen Lamb. While reading this post, I had an “ah ha!” moment.  The Dreaded Synopsis—How to Get Started & Why We Need One BEFORE Writing the Book made me realize that in … Continue reading

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Point Of View: Third Person Limited

A lot of books are written in the Third Person Limited point of view. This is when the point of view of a story is limited to only one character and the reader only knows what the character knows, sees … Continue reading

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