A Window Into My Life: What Inspires You To Write?

inspires kite flying

Here’s a window into my life right now. Beautiful, clear blue sky. Greenery everywhere to rival the hills of Ireland. Warm sun enveloping you with a feeling of love. Children racing to get ready for the day so they can squeeze in some outdoor play time before they have to go to school. A warm breeze bringing the scent of pines from the mountains mixed with the drying grasses it blew through to get to me. Laughter and “Look Mom! It’s flying.”

Life is lived in moments like this.

A blog I follow asked the question “What inspires you to write and what keeps you going?”

This is it. These moments are what inspire me to write.

So much of life is mundane. We repeat the same chores, do the same job, eat the same foods. It’s the never ending (and for me, very literal) wash, rinse, repeat. There’s nothing wrong with that in my opinion. But that means you also have to be paying attention. One moment you will be getting kids ready for school with all the hassles that entails, and the next, life will surround you with richness that will stop you in your tracks and demand you draw it in.

I want to capture these moments and somehow convey in words the depth of the experience. This is what keeps me going, to keep learning and practicing. I want to tell stores that are rich with life, even when it’s those sad and difficult moments that cause so much despair. And through it all, I want people to see the beauty and to know that life is precious and worth it.

So I keep writing and hoping my words will mean something to someone. I’ve been through too much ugly in my life to not try and see the the good and help others to see it too.

Now it’s your turn. What inspires YOU to write? What keeps you going?

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4 Responses to A Window Into My Life: What Inspires You To Write?

  1. I write to think, remember and understand, but I also, and probably most importantly, write to entertain myself. Writing is fun and stimulating.I also suspect I’m addicted to the writing process. I don’t ever want to go through detox for it, though. I’ll just keep writing. Cheers

  2. I am so glad you have found your inspiration, because I love your writing!! I know you just received another award (and perhaps many others in the past), but I have also nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award <3 (https://braverthanbefore.com/2017/03/19/honored/)

    I know that receiving and passing along blog awards can be a lot of work, so please don't feel any obligation to do so! But I just wanted to reach out and let you know that you have inspired me, and I am thankful to have stumbled across your page! Keep up the amazing work!

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