Writing Is Like Losing Weight

writing is like losing weightWriting is like losing weight.

How?  Well . . .

  1.  You just have to do it.
  2.  It takes commitment.
  3.  You can’t just do it for one day and expect amazing results.
  4.  The more you work at it, the better you get at it.
  5.  It feels great!

Now I’m sure there’s other parallels we could draw between writing and loosing weight, but let’s just talk about these five for now.

You Just Have To Do It

You have this image in your head of the body you’d like to have.  Hopefully it’s a healthy body that looks great because you are glowing with inner beauty and healthy eating and activity.

Well, also in your head is the image of a happy writer who’s sharing their works with the world.

How do you accomplish these two things?  You just do it.  Yeah I know, you are hearing a Nike commercial right now.

So how do you “just do it?”

It Takes Commitment

Every day you have to make the choice to eat healthy and get regular exercise.

Every day you have to make the choice to write.

But that’s hard, which is why . . .

You Can’t Just Do It For One Day And Expect Amazing Results

Yes, you can eat totally healthy and exercise for one day and feel amazing at the end of the day, but if that’s all you ever do, you aren’t going to get that healthy body you need.

If you only write one day, or sporadically, you aren’t going to become an amazing, talented writer.

Which is why . . .

The More You Work At It, The Better You Get

Each day that you make a healthy eating choice, it becomes easier the next day and the day after to keep making those healthy eating choices.  Each day you exercise, your body become more efficient at those workouts you’ve been trying to do.  You will start to exercise more efficiently.  (Of course, this is just my own observation.)

The more you write, the better you get.  Period.

And last . . .

It feels Great!

When you are living a healthy life, you feel great.  Who doesn’t want that?

When you write something amazing, something that resonates -even if you’re the only seeing it, it feels great.

What else is writing like? Writing is like going to a dance and photography.

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6 Responses to Writing Is Like Losing Weight

  1. Michelle Rene Goodhew says:

    I like how you relate these two things. For me, developing a writing habit has been a lot like the diet I would like to adopt but am still struggling with. They will tell you that it takes 7 to 90 days to make a new habit stick (depending upon the source) and that’s the grueling part of it. Sticking to that new way of functioning can be a difficult task on the best day, but so worth it I’m sure, in the long run. Thanks for this inspirational post 🙂

  2. Xceptional43 says:

    Writing surely is hard.
    Some days the word swill come other days they want.
    Just like dieting some days you are motivated other days. You just can’t . It takes a lot of effort to scale through.

  3. S.J. Knight says:

    “Writing is like losing weight.”
    Ha ha. So that’s why I’m having such a hard time finishing what I start. The procrastination and self-criticism is of epic proportions lately.

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