Writing Is Like Photography -A Photo Illustration

writing is like photographyWriting is like photography.  How? Well, think about this:

Sometimes the picture you take with your camera is NOT the one you see with your own eyes.

This is true in writing.  Sometimes your first draft is not at all what you see in your mind.  This can be discouraging.

To illustrate this, look at this next photo I took on Saturday.

This is no where close to what I saw.  What I saw with my eyes was something bright, colorful and beautiful.  But apparently, I’m not that knowledgeable about my camera.  An expert photographer might have been able to get the perfect shot straight out of the camera.  I am not an expert photographer and neither am I an expert writer.  For me, both of these things involve a little (or a lot) more work.


Yuck -it was a hazy day.

This is where editing comes into play.

Editing photographs, as long as it’s not over done, can be a rewarding experience.  You can take a so-so picture and turn it into something a little closer to what you saw with your own eyes.  Sometimes it can become more then what you saw as you manipulate the photo and bring out colors and definition.  Again though, the key is to not over do it.


With some edits, this is much better.

The same is true in writing.  I can only speak for myself here, but when I edit my work, and by edit, I mean re-write, proofread, clarify, etc., my work gets better and I get better at writing in the first place.  I make discoveries, and a lot of the time it becomes more amazing then what I envisioned in the first place.  Now a caution, over editing your writing, just like over editing a photo, can turn it into something ugly.  You have to find that balance.

Oh, and you know what else writing is like?  Writing Is Like Losing Weight. And, Writing Is Like Going To A Dance.

What about you?  Do you like to edit your work?  I guess I’m one of those strange types who finds it exciting and rewarding.

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  2. Very good comparison. The edited work is not only polished, but highlights that which needs to be seen. Your photos are a perfect example of how that works in writing.

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